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Our mission is to build programs for our clients that solve engagement challenges with their customers, members, and/or employees. We solve these challenges through innovative programs from our passionate team of thinkers, creators, and technologists. Partner with an organization that cares, partner with SACS.


The SaveAround webpage and mobile app.

The SaveAround webpage and mobile app.

With Perks, our focus is driving acquisition, retention, loyalty and to reward them by leveraging different methods and assets that we have at our disposal.

Our Perks platform contains the following:

  • Flexible platform build to be white labeled in web, mobile, or via API to your technology

  • Offers available across United States and Canada and geolocated based on user’s location across North America

  • Over 500,000 rich and unique offers across various categories such as dining, entertainment, travel, retail, recreation, services, grocery, etc.

  • Tiers functionality to provide users with various discounts

  • Unique messaging and selection of featured offers and merchants are enabled per plan

  • Campaign management features that allow our clients to promote offers to prospective and existing subscribers through their own digital assets


Rewards Platforms

Rewards Platforms

SACS Reward Technology enables and provides a simple and effective program designed to reward and retain your members. Our program is focused on:

  • Providing a loyalty gateway to enable multiple partnerships and programs.

  • The partner rewards platform, focused on scoring and reconciling multiple programs and interfacing with multiple partners.

  • A rewards engine providing: surprise & delight rewards (no liability!), clubs (digital punch card), and targeted offers.


Brand partnership

Brand partnership

Your brand is the lifeblood of your business. Let SACS help take your brand to the next level by providing exposure and partnership opportunities to a relevant and targeted customer base across the country through non-profit and corporate programs. We represent schools, non-profits, major brands, banks, payment networks, retailers and more across North America that are looking for complementary brands to partner with. Our focus allows you to work on your core competency while we bring in the partners to complement your strategy.


Experiential programs

Experiential programs

We’re pioneers in developing and building event-based incentives focused on creating memorable experiences for our client’s customers. Discounts and offers will always be at the core of our business, but we also help our clients differentiate themselves from the competition through experiential programs.

What’s an experiential offer?

  • Learn to make a pizza with a celebrity chef at their restaurant

  • Private shopping experience with the founders of a top retailer and receive a 20% discount

  • Get field access to your baseball team’s batting practice and meet your favorite players

  • Indulge in an elegant dining experience with a private menu at a top restaurant


Card linked loyalty

Card linked loyalty

SACS’s Card-Linked Loyalty (CLO) Platform is focused on working with local and national partners and connecting them to relevant cardholders from card on file programs.

Now more than ever, consumers are looking to earn rewards on their purchases. Similarly, businesses are always looking to enhance brand loyalty and increase consumer spend. CLO is the perfect solution in achieving both goals.  

SACS’s focus is to build and leverage our network of merchants and provide them with an avenue to connect with relevant cardholders, insight and analytics through our relationships, and providing their customers a great cardholder experience.

how does clo work?

how does clo work?

How does CLO work?

  • Brand enrolls cardholders (auto or manually) through their own program or SACS

  • Cardholder receives local offers via advertising, inserts, email, issuer mobile app, or online site

  • Cardholder uses enrolled card to make qualifying purchase

  • Cardholder receives bonus points/cash back  on rewards statement

  • Our unique blend of offer content and technical expertise make SACS an ideal partner to help spearhead your Card-Linked Loyalty program.


Advisory services

Advisory services

Advisory Services from SACS are ideal for any business that desires stronger engagement from its stakeholders while looking to have support from an organization that has experience and foresight.

The experienced and passionate professionals at SACS will become your most trusted partners by understanding your business opportunities and challenges, proactively providing solutions, guidance, and helping you make more informed decisions. Our Advisory Services team works hand-in-hand with loyalty and engagement solutions groups, but can work independently to develop strategies and solutions independently.

Our Advisory services include:

  • Engagement & Loyalty Strategy Development

  • Program Execution  Services

  • Marketing & Program/Evaluation

  • Technology Review

  • Corporate Assessment

  • Non-Profit Program Development

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