Major Oil Partner - Loyalty Technology

This oil retailer was looking to provide flexibility and cost efficiencies in its ability to establish reward programs and partnerships across the US in a quick and simple manner. SACS worked to develop a PCI compliant loyalty switch to handle all of the company’s many reward/partnership options in order to grow its share across the country using innovative technology in a cost effective manner.



Large Media Corporation - Engagement with SACS discount network

The large media organization had a challenge of providing additional value of digital content to its subscriber base. It had already been leveraging SACS custom print programs as part of an acquisition strategy, but there was a focus on retention and engagement. SACS and this organization piloted the utilization of SACS’s rich partnerships across the US and provide meaningful value in the form of discounts at a hyper local level. The result was more interaction and the plan to roll out the program across its markets.  Next steps are to begin identifying relevant brands to the partner for more strategic opportunities and experiences.



Large Auto Club - National Partnerships

As part of its strategy to continue to provide strong value from partnership brands in addition to other services to its members, SACS has been working with the club to bring in national brands in order to form partnerships.



Major Health Insurance Partner

With a large focus on engaging its medicare patient base, SACS has been working to develop custom offer print programs that provide discounts across various categories to incentivize behavior. SACS has been working with state plans to enable the program and providing solutions to incentivize the right behaviors.



Regional Credit Union

As more and more issuers are trying to go local and incentivize use of their payment cards against large financial institutions, this credit union is looking to leverage local value by using SACS to provide local offers from the top establishments across their footprint and enabling a card linked program to provide cashback at local businesses.  SACS has developed the technology and program to source, score, report, and settle the transactions to build a merchant funded offers program.



Alternative Payments Network - Rewards Platform

This leading payments provider in the ACH mobile payment channel was looking to expand its capabilities with its clients by adding a unique rewards platform focused on surprise and delight developed by SACS to assist its clients build a deeper level of engagement with its customers.



Major Payment Network - Experiential Offers

As part of its brand platform this payments network focuses on creating once and life type experiences to its cardholder base. SACS has partnered with this organization and focused on building and sourcing these experiences across Canada and also providing the technology to enable enhanced checkout. The result has been over 400 various offers and experiences developed for our partner.



Major Payment Network - Card Linked Offers

This network’s core competencies are in the processing and security of transactions and partnered with SACS to source national brands for campaign based card linked programs. SACS has worked with this partner and their partner financial institutions to develop target audiences and actual performance based on redemptions via the issuer’s card.