Experiential Rewards

We’re pioneers in developing and building event-based incentives focused on creating memorable experiences for our client’s customers. Discounts and offers will always be at the core of our business but we also help our clients differentiate themselves from the competition through experiential programs.

What’s an experiential offer?

  • Learn to make a pizza with a celebrity chef at their restaurant
  • Private shopping experience with the founders of a top retailer and receive a 20% discount
  • Get field access to your baseball team’s batting practice and meet your favorite players
  • Indulge in an elegant dining experience with a private menu at this top restaurant

SACS believes the memorability of experiences is so durable and enjoyable that it ensures a permanent imprint of your brand on your customers’ minds and hearts. Our goal is to create a “stickiness” factor with our client’s customers that is attainable and aspirational in order to attract all relevant customers.

Here’s a glimpse of how we would build an experiential rewards program for your business:

  • SACS teams work and collaborate with our partners on experience creation, program development, and execution
  • SACS has dedicated staff on both the creative, merchant outreach, and experience execution to run these programs
  • SACS can provide full turnkey solutions, including checkout, or work with the partner and/or agencies to provide a solution for our clients

Take your rewards program to the next level with our expertise in creating these memorable experiences!


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