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Enterprise Offer Technology

SACS offers technology, enables clients to leverage a full or modular suite of features to support their merchant and offer initiatives. From functionality focused on checkout of offers/experiences to management of merchants and their offers, EOT can help organizations outsource key areas of value that are not core to their business.

Our Enterprise Platform Modules include:

  • Offer Management and Communications - Complete offer management system housing merchant agreements, offer details, notes images, proofing, location detail

  • API/Mobile/White Label Integration - Full capability of publishing content in a rule based system via API, white label, and mobile applications

  • CRM - Customer relationship functionality tracking lifecycle of merchant and customer activities

  • Card-Linked Services - Modules focused on rule based scoring engine, merchant offer interface, reconciliation/reporting on card linking programs

  • Customer Service - Features management and tracking of issues/resolutions on merchant offer inquiries  

  • Billing and Reporting - Reporting and billing functionality clients, customers, merchants, other groups tied to the offer management platform

  • Checkout - White label functionality that manages checkout of experiences/offers, email fulfilment, price flexibility, BIN targeting, inventory locking, codes, and reporting

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