Engagement Solutions

A Value-Generating Rewards System for Lenders and Merchants

SACS provides unique solutions to drive tangible value for our clients. Our focus is driving acquisition, retention, loyalty and to reward them by leveraging different methods and assets that we have at our disposal. Particularly our expansive network of local, regional, and national business partnerships that provide us unique discounts.

SACS has over 500,000 national and local offers and we continue to partner with over 300,000 businesses across the dining, entertainment, retail, grocery, travel, services industries. Our focus is on rich, consistent, and relevant content.

We have the unique ability to package these offers into dozens of different print and digital formats based on the needs of your customers or employees. From online platforms, mobile apps and custom offer print products, we will work with your team to provide a solution that has real-world value to them.

Our print solutions include:

  • Custom branded savings print programs with high perceived value to provide as a engagement tool
  • SACS can print and/or integrate with fulfillment house to support mailing programs
  • Local, rich, savings books are across North America in over 170 markets  
  • National savings books from top brands across the US
  • Inserts, Brochures, Booklets, or tag along pieces that provide additional value to your customers

Our digital solutions include:

  • Flexible Perks platform build to be white labeled in web, mobile, or via API to your technology
  • Offers are available across United States and Canada and geolocated based on user’s location across North America
  • Over 500,000 rich and unique offers across various categories such as dining, entertainment, travel, retail, recreation, services, grocery, etc.
  • Tiers functionality to provide users with different/richer discounts
  • Unique messaging and selection of featured offers and merchants are enabled per plan
  • Campaign management features that allow our clients to promote offers to prospective and existing subscribers through their own digital assets
  • With over 30 years of experience, we’ve proven time and again the impact that our content has on building loyalty and driving new business acquisition.

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