Employee Perks


SACS Employee Perks Program is a an exciting and easy way for employees to get rich discounts across the top local and national brands across North America. Our Employee Perks program is focused on providing discounts your employees can use everyday with their families on categories like Grocery, Dining, Movies, Apparel, Home & Auto, Family Fun, and Travel.


Our team has decades of collective experience building digital perks programs that have been proven to increase employee happiness, help retain talent, and assist with recruiting new team members.  Give your employees real value on a daily basis

Why Employee Perks?


Perks help keep employees happy. Nothing is more important to a company than attracting and retaining the talent you need in order to grow.



Perks help reinforce what the company does for the employee and in response, the employee gives that much back.  Great items like discounts on services like dry cleaning or on catered meals can help employees focus their time on important tasks instead spending too much money and time on others.




Perks need to reinforce the culture you want your company to embrace. At SACS, our focus is going local and supporting the community and we love to provide our clients the opportunity to do the same in their neighborhood.  If providing savings and supporting the local businesses is something your company is about, then we will make a great team.


Why SaveAround



Exclusive & Relevant Discounts Nationwide — Take advantage of great deals from top brands at a local and national level


Branded Experience — Create your logo and style for the best employee experience



Multichannel — Access to our content in web, mobile, and even print


Unique Brands & Offers — Want that special offer, let us know and our team will work on it



Simple Setup — Get up and running in less than 4 weeks



Simple Connections — We can add, develop an app, or integrate to your existing technology or programs



Dedicated Support — Have a question, our dedicated team in NY is here to help



Reporting — From top brands to top users, we can report on activity and value



Tools — We provide print and email campaigns support to build awareness



Experiences — Want to create some experiences, we can help too!

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