Card-Linked Loyalty Services

Card-Linked Loyalty Services
SACS’s Card-Linked Loyalty (CLO) Platform is focused on working with local and national partners and connecting them to relevant cardholders from card on file programs. Now more than ever, consumers are looking to earn rewards on their purchases. Similarly, businesses are always looking to enhance brand loyalty and increase consumer spend. CLO is the perfect solution in achieving both goals.

SACS’s focus is to build and leverage our network of merchants and provide them with an avenue to connect with relevant cardholders, insight and analytics through our relationships, and providing their customers a great cardholder experience.


How does CLO work?

  • Brand enrolls cardholders (auto or manually) through their own program or SACS
  • Cardholder receives local offers via advertising, inserts, email, issuer mobile app, or online site
  • Cardholder uses enrolled card to make qualifying purchase
  • Cardholder receives bonus points/cash back  on rewards statement

Our unique blend of offer content and technical expertise make SACS an ideal partner to help spearhead your Card-Linked Loyalty program.

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