Advisory Services

Advisory Services from SACS are ideal for any business that desires stronger engagement from its stakeholders while looking to have support from an organization that has experience and foresight.
The experienced and passionate professionals at SACS will become your most trusted partners by understanding your business opportunities and challenges, proactively providing solutions, guidance, and helping you make more informed decisions. Our Advisory Services teams ideally work hand-in-hand with loyalty and engagement solutions group, but can work independently to develop strategies and solutions independently.
Our advisory services include:

  • Engagement & Loyalty Strategy Development
  • Program Execution  Services
  • Marketing & Program/Evaluation
  • Technology Review
  • Corporate Assessment
  • Non-Profit Program Development

Here are just a few examples of our advisory services in action:
Oil - SACS has been working with a west coast oil partner solving the challenge of engagement by developing various programs at a tactical and strategic level to drive customer behavior.  Program outcomes are to deliver a strategy and build several scenarios to begin testing.
Payment Network - SACS has been dispatched to evaluate several of the company’s functions and identify ways to streamline, add, and/or outsource aspects. Team is looking at BD, marketing, customers service, IT, etc.
Loyalty Program - SACS works with numerous organizations supporting their consumer engagement approach. In this specific instance, a coalition brought in SACS to evaluate different earn mechanisms as well as redemptions tied to local and national partnerships.
Insurance - SACS was brought in to assist the organization on engagement with its customers, sales team and corporate staff. SACS developed a phased approach on programs focused to drive results and provide benefits.
Let our team of experienced professionals help you achieve your strategic goals!


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