Local, Yet Universal

We built these programs from the ground up. We understand them from the standpoint of the underlying technology and how they operate in terms of the overall market. Which means we can offer industry-specific solutions that are effective both in niche and wide-open markets.

We know that loyalty and reward programs for a gas company like British Petroleum are completely different than retail rewards -- and we’ve built both. It matters how you track it, how you accrue it, how you market each program.

All of this comes together to change how you actually drive the loyalty program. And we have the experience to tie that all together. We can offer traditional rewards (like catalogs, mailing lists, and other corporate incentives) but we can also leverage our existing merchant relations to offer more unique redemption options.

Our fundraising experience makes us a leader in custom coupon books or even individual coupons with redemption values that are a small fraction of traditional rewards programs. Why bother with a 5,000 point blender when you can get a $5 gas card for as cheap as 50 points? We believe that micro-redemption technology with a high perceived value translates to a higher  relative value for the consumer.

We can only offer deals this great because we own the merchant relationship. We have the ink on paper to own that relationship. No other company in the US can do both -- cultivate a trusting client-merchant relationship and actually build the platform for the deliverables. With companies pushing local options, why not go with the company who already has an agreement on file for the restaurant right down the street?



“We wanted to reward our employees with a rewards package but we didn't know where to start. SaveAround didn't just solve our problem — they built us a custom program from the ground up.”

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