Scalable Problem-Solving

We understand what merchants want and need. We have a long history in the space and many our mistakes and successes have given us crucial insight into connecting with those clients.

Companies find going local exceptionally compelling. Many companies want to move into the hyper-local space, but can't or have found limited success. Rather than rebuilding the network from the ground up each time, we can help you integrate into our existing merchant network.

We own this network ourselves and our team works each and every year to maintain and expand it. While SaveAround offers fundraising, consumer, and corporate solutions for a variety of use cases, what we really are is a meticulously maintained merchant network stretching the country. This is our profound advantage when it comes to offering a robust and complete product.

The network is what allows us to offer compelling discounts, down to the micro level. In the same way that hyper-local merchant specificity can pay huge dividends, consumer targeting in a similar vein has also proven quite effective. We can link the right consumer with the right kind of offer, or even help them narrow down relevant companies given their interest in an industry. For example, our current core set of offers tends to be fairly broad. Typically, the coupons aren’t limited in use or application, and they scale well – they might apply to all menu items in a predictable buy-one-get-one-free fashion, for example.

But the entire industry is moving toward micro-offers, which have an entirely different function. A cable provider might already know what its customers are watching. They might want to leverage this information to send out offers based on on this data. Our technology systems can target these consumers and connect them with relevant offers specifically for them, as well as interface with those companies directly to provide them with the relevant consumer base they are already looking for. For example, recently we made a program with Apple that showcased items and locations that 10 musicians local to Downtown Toronto frequented. In this way we tied the experience not only to the locale, but also to the actual interests and lived experience of the consumers we've already identified it as relevant to.

To make the experiential aspect come to life, we provide a robust technology platform to actually apply the aforementioned rewards and incentives. Our technology can score a mass of transactions and identify the relevant information and industries encoded within based on consumer preferences. From our history, we understand loyalty, technology, and to accommodate changes and connecting them to PCI-compliant merchant offers.  

It’s a product because we handle ourselves because we built the technology in-house. For example, we helped British Petroleum with a back end system to push pieces of transactional data to different vendors at the same time. It was both faster, quicker, and more flexible than their current system, all at once. Using our existing platform, we were able to offer more for a cheaper operational cost.

Recently, SaveAround acted as the technological and business interface between British Petroleum and the companies they partnered with on both sides of the exchange: consumer data collection and transaction processing. Because we have experience at the hyper-local level, our software allows us to develop transaction-based back-end software tailored specifically to the situation.

Technology has changed. Old sentinel terminals have changed to new Point-of-Service systems like Square which you can set up in minutes on an iPad. But no matter an archaic existing system is, we can export all the data, process it, and return a scored and graded transactional record that’s easy to work with. We can work with the raw data and generate a list of customer’s, their preferences, and their patterns. Our technology integrates with anything because it’s an external system built on top of the raw data and customized for each use case.



“We wanted to reward our employees with a rewards package but we didn't know where to start. SaveAround didn't just solve our problem — they built us a custom program from the ground up.”

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