Automatic Savings

A Value-Generating Rewards System for Lenders & Merchants

SaveAround provides lenders with the tools for their customer's to earn rewards on their everyday purchases. Stretching across both local, regional, and national-level merchants, card-linked technology is tied to the user account within your existing infrastructure. SaveAround provides an innovative solution in the card link industry supporting local, regional, and national merchants by developing further incentives on existing offers to build customer trust and loyalty.

Here’s how it works. Card-linked technology allows the issuer to offer automatic statement credits to the customer, based on their spending. We offer a custom, automatic technology solution to lenders in order to incentivize their customers’ spending patterns.

When a customer uses their card with a merchant participating in our card-linked offer program, the merchant pays the lender a fee in exchange for the added business. Merchants are happy for the increase in foot traffic. Likewise, the lender directly profits through receipt of the merchant fee, and indirectly through increased use of their credit line. What this means is a card-linked promotion is a short-term gain insofar as it generates a temporary revenue stream from the merchant to the lender, as well as a long-term value-proposition in that it strengthens the brand of both merchant and lender.

SaveAround functions as both technology provider, merchant network, and agreement intermediary. We work with the lender and analyze their existing software solution. We then either integrate our proprietary software system into theirs, or batch export transactional data for ‘scoring’. Our technology scans large quantities of data to link customer spending with valid spending patterns according to merchant agreements on file. In essence, we do the heavy-lifting in determining what statement credits need to be issued to which customers.

When we developed our card-linked offer program, we looked at other companies that offered similar products. We found that those who offered the technology tended to fall short when it came to providing a deep and varied merchant network, and those that had often struggled to provide the technological solutions. At SaveAround, decades of experience in the merchant space mean we own both the merchant network and the technology. We’re confident that we can provide both --- not only set you up with meaningful merchant relationships that matter to your business narrative, but also provide you with the back-end technology to follow through on your campaign’s stated goals.

We have worked with lenders and financial institutions of all types: from banks, to credit unions, to large-scale credit issuers as well as retailers, technology providers, coalition programs, and other custom loyalty programs. All of this is to say that we understand that unique companies demand unique solutions and we're prepared to offer you a bespoke solution tailored to overcome whatever problem you’re faced with.


Why Card Linked?

A card-linked promotion not only allows lenders to leverage their brand in order to increase customer spending, but also to cross-promote with merchants in a mutually-beneficial way. In summary:

  • SaveAround works directly with partners to auto enroll credit or debit (signature) card portfolios as well as develop a beneficial card registration model.
  • SaveAround automatically scores and generates points/cash back rewards for customers within the program and drives engagement through everyday offers in print, online, and on mobile.
  • SaveAround leverages its technology and merchant content to bring local retailers into your program and reconcile funds with all parties in a turnkey manner. We take advantage of decades of our own data and business agreement databases to target relevant merchants and retain them, providing consistent, data-driven value for our partners.

“We wanted to reward our employees with a rewards package but we didn't know where to start. SaveAround didn't just solve our problem — they built us a custom program from the ground up.”

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